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With the goal in mind to become the number one broker for Mid Cap companies based in the DACH region, we facilitate the buying and selling of said equities by matching up buyers and sellers across Europe and arranging the transaction between both parties


Our Equity Research team focused on Mid Caps are specialists for stocks in the German-speaking region (DACH). We deliver proactive, detailed and idea-driven research right on the pulse of the market for a coverage consisting over 150 companies. Whether we are writing ongoing research for maintaining our voluntary coverage or writing transactional research in support of ECM transactions (e.g. IPO research), we consistently go beyond the norm and dissect the story from all the angles we can find before putting pen to paper.


Our Sales approach combines global reach with local presence, with distribution into UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Nordics (Sweden, Finland and Denmark) and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). Close and long-standing relations to the relevant investor group for our Mid Cap niche undoubtedly makes us the ideal partner in both the primary and secondary market.
We cover the important financial centers in which our target investors are based and are consistently ranked as the number 1 broker for German Mid Caps according to Extel rankings.

Sales Trading

Our highly experienced, customer-oriented team executes the buying and selling of securities based on orders by institutional clients. Of particular importance in the Mid Cap niche is the reduction of volatility of illiquid stocks to minimize the total transaction costs, achieved by matching up buyers and sellers and creating transaction opportunities which previously did not exist. Our long-standing relationships with interested investors and access to shareholders of various companies leads to high trading market shares and a strong feel for the movement of German Mid Cap shares.

Legal Notices concerning our Equity Research

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(4) Valuation basis/rating key

Buy: Sustainable upside potential of more than 10% within 12 months
Sell: Sustainable downside potential of more than 10% within 12 months
Hold: Upside/downside potential limited. No immediate catalyst visible.
Note, H&A does not make recommendations on the basis of performance expected “relative“ to the market.

(5) Remarks

H&A has made every effort to carefully research all information contained in this financial analysis. The information on which the financial analysis is based has been obtained from sources which we believe to be reliable such as, for example, Reuters, Bloomberg and the relevant specialised press as well as the company which is the subject of this financial analysis.
Only that part of the research note is made available to the issuer, who is the subject of this analysis, which is necessary to properly reconcile with the facts. Should this result in considerable changes a reference is made in the research note.
Opinions expressed in this financial analysis are our current opinions as of the issuing date indicated on this document. We do not commit ourselves in advance to whether and in which intervals an update is made. The document and the recommendations and estimations contained therein are not linked - whether directly or indirectly - to the compensation of the analyst responsible for the document.
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Further information

Further information regarding investment recommendations of the last 12 months pursuant to Article 4(1)(i) of the delegated regulation 2016/958 supplementing regulation 596/2014 of the European Parliament: RECOMMENDATION LIST

Note – Conflict of interest: A commercial link between Hauck & Aufhäuser and Tom Tailor exists as a result of the investment in Tom Tailor by the parent company of Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers.

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